Sunday, 2 December 2012

Decking Our Halls ….

festive Twig WreathWe arose early yesterday morning amid much excitement, firstly because we were able, at last, to open the first drawer of our Advent Calendar and secondly we could also start to deck our halls! Usually we leave it until about the middle of Advent, but this year, after much robust and Vimto fuelled debate, we decided to “go for it” on the very first day of the Season of Joy and Yule logs …..
Deck The Halls 2012Nigel very ably assisted Lucy in the front room, festooning it greatly,  but tastefully in shades of purple, and blue ….
Poundland Christmas Tree….. while Darrell and I tackled the lounge ….  with a carefully selected range of baubles and trinkets, chosen by Darrell,  using all of his artistic flair …..
Poundland Christmas Tree.…… and mainly because the colours matched the cushions on our festive settee almost exactly ….. the hours he spent scouring the aisles of Poundland have certainly paid off!
Fastive Door MatWe have tried to spare no detail …. even down to the doormat, which we hope will encourage Nigel to wipe his feet a little more often, thus helping  to alleviate the trail of mucky devastation he generally leaves behind him when he comes home!
Gold Charger (2)We even have gold chargers this year, which Darrell informs us is what our friend Hugh (who lives the showbiz life) serves all his meals on,  festive or otherwise,  in Notting Hill. Darrell says  that we too will be all de rigueur this Christmas…. and who am I to doubt him?
Happy ChristmasAs I stood by the hearth and inspected all our hard work I couldn’t believe how magical everything looked …. however my face was beginning to feel rather sore …. and so I decided to make a phone call ….. leaving Darrell and Nigel to prepare for a BIG night out …..


Mr.D said...

Good idea - make the most of the festive season.
BIG night out? Sounds intriguing.

marc said...

loving the yule time knits darling rick wants one and o the chargers are so much better than what Harrods have in your decs could be the talk of the town they are so on the mo they make ones head bend your hot potatoes and salty chips all in one go my dears, big show biz wave and yule time hugs Hugh ps marc says big love his busy making christmas cards and cant type covered in glue and glitter home crafted is so salty chip this year Hugh

Anonymous said...

Chateau Castle Greyskull appears to be in full festive mode with your halls decked so beautifully! Darrell's artistic Yuletide decorating is certainly worthy of the best Notting Hill residence....I would probably want to step OVER your gorgeous doormat..don't think I could step On it!...Dianne
PS those jumpers are the perfect gay apparel