Monday, 3 December 2012

Piping In The Pork?

Last night Darrell and Nigel had a “big night out” having been invited by our friends, Julia and T,  for our first Yuletide “posh meal” of the season. Unfortunately,  due to my having mahoooosive face ache I was unable to attend,  having been rendered totally incapable of the act of chewing (accept for wasps!) …..
Lakeland Bread CasesThe evening started well with a full flurry of nomming, brought about by a full bodied and hearty pumpkin soup served with home baked bread ….
Sharing a cheeky lager…… washed down with a little lager and “real” champagne, which Nigel described as having made his “nose tickle and tingle in quite the most exquisite way!”
Piping In The PorkNow,  as you know we LOVE our traditions (admittedly we make most of them up as we go along),  and  it was lovely for Darrell and Nigel to share one of Julia and T’s Yuletide traditions ….. “Piping In the Pork” ….. BUT, we strongly suspect that (… a bit like us) this tradition was started last night to justify the following comment that we have since found on Facebook ….. made by Julia
It’s when you say "No, a little bit bigger please" to the butcher and you get home and your better half weighs the ten pound piece of pork you bought! Oopsy!”
Huge Pork JointOh my, it was mahooosively massive and though Darrell and Nigel feasted in a most robust and appreciative fashion …. consuming slabs whole fetlocks an ample portion of delicate slivers of the aforementioned pork, served with vast dollops of caramelised apple sauce  ……..
apple sauce….. even they could not make a dent in it ….
Too Much Pork…… and as a result  pudding had to be delayed for several hours, because following Darrell’s and Nigel’s gallant efforts, they were forced to seek the sanctuary of the sofa to recline/lounge in the London Fashion until they were able to manage a just sufficient sliver of tart made using a Raymond Blanc recipe.
Christmas PartyIt was a most wonderful night ….. and if it had been a Come Dine with Me situation … Darrell would have awarded the evening 12 marks out of 10 ….
Caramelised apple sauce….. and Nigel 15 out of 10 for the apple sauce alone ….. however, they would both prefer it if pork wasn’t on the menu at Chateau Castle Greyskull for a day or so ……!


tilly said...

it certainly looks a wonderful meal even if you did have to lounge London style afterwards

Mr.D said...

What a great meal - making me hungry.
Is it wise giving Nigel champagne? He may develop a taste for it at an early age.
Piping in the pork?
Did you use copper piping?
15 mm or 28?

Anonymous said...

Lucky Darrell and Nigel!! What a gorgeous delicious looking dinner...they are living the good life for certain, complete with London reclining and lounging..not a dinner to forget!...Dianne

PE Lady's Mum said...

Thank you all for your best wishes, I am getting there! Don't they look good in their Christmas Jumpers.
Love from P.E. Lady's Mum.XXX

marc said...

i am veggie and that pig looks lovely those roast spuds look yummy rick did a suckling pig for his birthday last week we did not pipe it in we were far to drunk lol looks like your friend can well cook good big love marc