Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Grand Adventure ……..

A lot of e-mails we receive go straight into our Hotmail spam box along with some really weird stuff that we would NEVER open, so unless we are extra vigilant, some interesting e-mails can go unnoticed us ….. a cxase in point was this reminder we got from Chris Wrigley at about an email we had missed, curious,  we decided to have another look ….. the e-mail was sent to Nigel …….
Hi Nigel,
I’m just sending a quick follow up on the 'A Grand Adventure' blogger competition I emailed you about a few days ago. The deadline is fast approaching but it is not too late to get your entry in for your chance to win the £1000. All we require is a post telling us what your Grand Adventure will be and how you plan on spending the £1000. Great odds to win at the moment too!
Kindest Regards,
Chris Wrigley
Now, this is the very first e-mail Nigel has ever received and so we thought it could be some sort of Derek Acorah spooky type omen for us to enter ….. but then …. we thought that we couldn’t really enter as our Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday to Last Vegas is already sorted and another holiday would just be considered very, very  greedy … but then ….  we got to thinking again and wondered if by entering we could put the prize money to good use (if we won, of course!) ……
CockleCottage1_thumb2After much robust but not heated debate this is our idea ………….. The most wonderful holiday we ever had was our last holiday at Cockle Cottage in Brixham with Andy, and it was Andy who said, when he was fishing off the jetty, that for him,  it was the “closest place to heaven on earth”, so our “Grand Adventure” would be to travel, armed with marmite and Dairylea sandwiches in our backpacks, affording safe passage to Brixham via Paignton by train, which would be especially romantic and exciting, as it is our very favourite mode of transport. 
CockleCottafed_thumb2We would stay for a couple of nights at a local hostelry, (staying at Cockle Cottage would be too painful at the moment),  we would enjoy an ample sufficiency of  fish and chips, ice cream, fudge and would while away our time on our favourite beach just “looking, remembering and musing”  …..
Picture 085_thumb[3]…… and then, hopefully we would be able to take our "winning" cheque for £1,000 to the Lifeboat Station in Andy’s Memory to add to the donation we took in July, because as we learnt it takes about a £1,000 to keep the lifeboat going for just one week.
Brixham LifeboatAndy made it so we will always be safe ….. perhaps by writing this short but heartfelt post we can continue to help keep a few more people safe in Andy’s name while having a “GRAND ADVENTURE”!  ……. xxxxx Fingers Crossed xxxxx

Icecream in Brixham_thumb[2]


Mr.D said...

I think the lifeboat has a pot of gold they can use too. What a grand adventure you have suggested.

Anonymous said...

The best unforgettable Grand Adventure ever; perhaps Andy has ordered rainbows to appear all round RNLI for all to see as they gaze out to sea....thoughtful loving choice....Dianne

SueF said...

I've got tears in my eyes - what a wonderful idea and how fantastic to donate to the lifeboats.
I love marmite & Philadelphia sandwiches - nom nom!

Pamela said...

Fingers crossed you win the competition. I can't say anymore - too emotional, tears blurring my vision. Hugs.

marc said...

its the best better than going to the moon or being the first person to go to alanta this is a journey of the heart big love marc i do hope you win your hearts are brave and true big love marc

Anonymous said...

That made me cry. What a wonderful idea. xx

Anonymous said...

That made me cry! What a lovely idea. x