Sunday, 6 January 2013

Go Away Easter Bunny …..It’s Too Early!

Darrell took Nigel for a walk to blow the Sunday morning cobwebs away and called into the Co-Op on the way back  for some carrot batons and let Nigel spend a bit of his pocket money  ……  but when they returned Nigel was in a state of absolute flux …..
MaltEaster Mini Bunnies“The Easter Bunny's coming, the Easter Bunny’s coming” he cried excitedly ….
Lindt Chocoiate RabbitThe Co-Op shelves were full of Easter stuff and Nigel, who has little concept of time, thought that it was almost Easter …. and was already badgering Darrell about an Easter Egg Hunt.  Darrell didn’t help things much as he didn’t dissuade Nigel from purchasing several items of a chocolaty Easter Bunny type nature.
Easter Eggs in January Good Grief ….. there’s it’s three months away….. if Nigel starts saying he’s giving up having a bath for Lent I will despair …. it’s only 6th January for goodness sake!
Easter Eggs in the shops after christmas


Anonymous said...

It might be too early to give up having a bath for Lent but it's never too early to eat a Cadbury's Creme Egg or three.......or four.....make that half a dozen.....for starters!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

January sales before the 25th December, Christmas stuff in the shops in October, summer holidays advertised on Boxing Day, Easter goods already on sale - no wonder he's confused.
I'm with JtF on the Creme Eggs.

P.S. Check the sell by date on the Easter Bunny - they may be getting rid of last years' stock.

marc said...

we dont have a easter bunny come vist us but the easter basset comes but unlike the bunny who leaves you chocolate the easter Basset just comes and eats your chocolate well thats what i have told Hugh so its more chocs for me lol big love marc

Anonymous said...

Poor Nigel, he's as confused as the rest of us who go into stores in January to see swimsuits, beach hats, and pool mid summer, it's back to school, Halloween, and Christmas practically side by side...soooo confusing..Dianne