Friday, 18 January 2013

The End Of Nigel’s Vigil ……

Following on from yesterday ….. it was fortuitous that  Nigel only had to endure one night of  vigil dans our porch,  to ensure that he didn’t miss the postman and thus the arrival of Heather’s parcel, as he was beginning to shiver rather robustly, despite being warmly wrapped and consuming copious mugs of Bovril, his savoury drink of choice.  We did  tell him his aforementioned vigil wasn’t at all necessary, because the postman always rings twice,  but he wasn’t having any of it!
Parcel ArrivesAnyway, it was to Nigel’s great joy that the parcel,  duly addressed to Monkey, Darrell and Nigel at Chateau Castle Greyskull was afforded safe passage …..
We love Rylan….. and the excitement in our kitchen was both palpable and tangible, as we allowed Nigel to peer into it’s depths ….
Builders Bum…… despite unsavoury glimpses of his erm, cleavage (which,  you will be glad to know is now in hand, metaphorically speaking!)
London stickersWe read Heather’s beautiful handcrafted note first,  amidst a great flurry of sighing and “how kinds” ……
A Letter from Heather…. and then we looked at all the wonders contained within the parcels bubble wrapped protection …..
A present from Michaels….. There were some stickers that Nigel immediately took a fancy to and some gorgeous monkey and banana buttons that we are sure we can fashion into badges to wear on our “Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday”.
Monkey Travel Journal..And then …..  there was our holiday travel journal, you have never heard so much sighing of a totally overwhelmed type nature …..
Monkey Travel JournalAs we gazed at all the blank pages and spaces our minds raced to all the adventures that lay ahead and how, when we came back,  it would be filled with so many romantic souvenirs and stories …….. and then we all filled up!!
Flyingpig socksBut it wasn’t really a time for tears …. so Nigel persuade Darrell and I to try on the pair of flying pig socks that Heather had also put in the parcel ….. Socks on HeadsWhat are we like?  THANK YOU Heather ….. WE LOVE YOU and we vouchsafe that our journal will be filled in with due care and diligence at the end of each day of our great adventure!!! THANK YOU xxxx


Mr.D said...

How lovely of Heather. Very thoughtful.
"…….. and then we all filled up!!" I think Nigel was already full of Bovril.

Anonymous said...

Loving the sock look - could catch on in a Gateaux GreySquirell type way. (Nigel looking at his most inquisitive there in the final photo)
JantheFan x
p.s. most thoughtful and excellent gift.

Anonymous said...

Could be a fashion forward sock tip (at the local ice skating rink, people wear socks on their hands if they don't have gloves handy)!! Heather's lovely gifts will be enjoyed over and over with that fab travel diary filled up with fun filled days to remember is certain to be reread many times as you recall this fabUlous trip of a lifetime...Dianne

Di said...

A perfect parcel indeed - so kind of Heather. Hugs, Di xx

marc said...

a great gift Heather is so kind you boys are so lucky and i like the socks big love marc