Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Veritable Wonder of Winterlandness

January 18th 2013 snow falls on wolverhamptonWhen we got up yesterday morning we were greeted by a veritable winter wonderland of whiteness, everything looked so very romantic, especially when the snowflakes flurried …
Vision of RomanceIt was a vision of great awe and wonder …… made even more exquisite by a text from work saying …….
Adverse weather conditionsNigel was beside himself with joy ….. all thoughts of the Cook Lady and his Friday morning sauce rotation duties disappeared from his little bobble hatted bonce as he  found out his seaside bucket with which to fashion snow castles…..snow bucket…….and when he and Darrell got downstairs they didn’t fail to notice an entrepreneurial opportunity …..
Buried car…. as Lucy’s car had disappeared under a blanket of the aforementioned snowy loveliness  …..
deep crisp and even….. which they offered to remove from the windscreen, at least,  for a negotiable sum, but Lucy was having none of it and said that she would rather wait for nature to take it’s course …. especially when she heard Nigel wondering if the vacuum cleaner would do the job quicker than a shovel!!
Snow hits UK jan 2013Once Darrell and Nigel were “actually” outside and up close and personal with the snow  I could sense, by just looking at the expressions on their faces that  a full and robust snowball fight was about to ensue …..
Darrell Monkeey….. so I beat a hasty retreat inside ….
snowball fightI believe that each of them gave as good as they got …..
snowball fight.….. but I wish Darrell had been sensible and wrapped up properly first ….. a bit of snow and he goes just as stupid as Nigel ….
Snow FaceHeaven help me!


Mr.D said...

Makes me feel cold just looking at the pictures.
I hope it isn't too long for nature to take its course so Lucy can use her car again.

Anonymous said...

Your blog monkey today made me smile. You do have a lot to deal with don't you with those too egging each other on? Go on, throw gay abandon to the snow drift and join in the fun why don't you. I'll stay in where it's nice and warm, thank you!
JantheFan x

Di said...

I expected one of you to be making snow angels in the snow or building monkey snowmen at the very least :( Maybe once the fun of snowball fights has worn off ? Di xx

Anonymous said...

A true winter wonderland...mahoosive good luck the school was closed for this gorgeous fun snowy day!...Dianne

marc said...

is not good to use a hoover in the snow what about a aqua vac would that work Hugh has been filling plastic cups with coloured water and putting in and string so it turns to ice he is planing on turning them out hanging them on the trees so they look like wounderous crystals big love marc

Mr.D said...

I like Hugh's idea a lot.