Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nigel’s Programme Of Choice ….

While Darrell and I are televisually embracing Big Brother at the moment ….
Splash….. Nigel is firmly glued to “Splash!” with Tom Daley on Saturday nights!
Splash Tom DaleyHe watches, wearing his trunks (as knitted for him by the PE Lady’s Mum) wrapped up in a towel, so that as soon as it is over he can go up to the bathroom to re-enact all the dives he has seen.
Splash Tome Daley.He has declared that his greatest dream now is for Tom to coach him, on a one to one basis, to do a reverse 4½ somersaults in a pike position, with triple salco,  performed on a three-meter springboard!
ITV Tom Daley SplashOh good grief ………………
Splash Tom Daley ITV…… what is he like, what have ITV done and will our lives ever be the same again??????


Mr.D said...

Nigel seems pretty fearless. I'm sure his bell will make a great sound on the way down.

Anonymous said...

Nigel's amazing exploits are going to make him a legend way beyond Wolverhampton! With that determined look on his face, I know he will be a champion in no time....Go Nigel!!...Dianne

Di said...

Never mind the sound of the bell Mr D - have you ever heard a loooooong scream of fear from a diver as they launch themselves into space? Frightening! :( Di xx

marc said...

i refuse to comment on this one but i do know 100s of peps who would love Tom to coach them so it could be a long wait lol big love marc Nigel watch those knitted trunks they have a habit of going baggie