Monday, 7 January 2013

Celebrity Big Brother

Where did Celebrity Big Brother 2013 spring from? We pride ourselves on our robust knowledge of televisual viewing of a reality type nature, but we honestly didn’t know it was happening until we tuned into the launch night, totally by accident,  while I was channel hopping and Darrell fetched the cashews.
Clancy's Cashews…. and now, we shall be totally immersed for the next few weeks while it’s all going on …. and we have a new toy to further enhance our viewing pleasure ……. 
Britains Got Talent Buzzer…. a Britain’s Got Talent buzzer …. Auntie Jan gave it to us for Christmas but it seems a shame to wait to use it for the new series of the aforementioned programme …. so we are using it for Big Brother to express our displeasure if the housemates do not behave in a proper and seemly manner……!  Nigel is in bed when it is on, which is no  bad thing as we are sure there will be scenes of a bare bottom, nudity type nature and we don’t want him re-enacting anything he may see.
Rylan Clark Big BrotherIt’s very early doors,  but our front runner by a mile, at the moment is Rylan.  Now, we are the first to admit that we were not that enamoured by him on X Factor, but he has grown on us, we intuitively feel that what you see is what you get …. we also think he will prove to be a kind and caring soul, BUT if he has something to say, he will say it …….  however,  we could be wrong, although our top secret connections within the TV industry say that our spooky Derek Acorah feelings are not too far off the mark!
We also like Frankie ….. he could get up to all sorts with Razor and Gillian could also be a sweetie pie,  if a bit dull if/when things get controversial or heated as she will stay in the background, rather than offend.
Speidi Big BrotherBut,  we really, really  don’t like Speidi, what sort of name is that?  Perhaps Darrell and I should become more on trend name wise and be collectively known as Keydar?   Anyway, Speidi will definitely get our first vote of the series to be evicted …..
…. closely followed by someone called Lacey,  who twitters far too much for our delicate male ears.  We also understand she spends quite a lot of her time without clothes on (even at work!!), which impresses us not a jot as we have that all the time with Nigel!


Anonymous said...

Loving CBB - watch it if there is people in I like. Adore Rylan but why he has to keep using the word beginning with F as frequently as he does beats me. (M&D don't try and work out which word it is!)
I'm just waiting for Rylan and Clare to do some Steps dance routines!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

P.S. Loving the buzzer boys - you could use it if there is any bad language - think your arms would be tired by the end of the show though!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are the go to guys for reality TV info! Your insight and analysis is so very professional...Great that Auntie Jan got you the much needed buzzer to complete you TV viewing away!!...Dianne

Di said...

Careful with that buzzer boys! I'm still laughing here about the neighbours hammering on the walls in 'appreciation' during your last noisy escapade. Hugs, Di xx

marc said...

i am with you boys all the way wehave heard a few things that would make your hair curl in a non londonway lol love the buzzer i will get one for hugh we are also liking sky ones got to dance and rick has his ice skates out and has taken to puting ice in his drinks while watching dancing on ice his fav show big love have fun marc

Mr.D said...

Your "top secret connections within the TV industry?" I wonder if these have showbiz waves and give big love.