Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Weary In An Excited Type Way

You’ll have to pardon me if I seem a trifle weary today, though our “Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday” is still quite a long way away,  there are still matters of an insurance and officialdom type nature that need to be attended to,  in order that our safe passage to the Land of the Free can be assured …….
Applying for an Esta…… and as such, I have spent the best part of a day on the internet trying to get the best deal for our travel insurance followed by answering probing questions about our criminal activities and past!!!!!
Travel InsuranceI decided that I won’t trouble Darrell and Nigel with the intricacies of their aforementioned "Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday" paperwork …. if I tell them that I have finally got "our Esta",  they will only get excited, at the prospect of us taking Esther Rantzen along with us, heaven forbid,  to assist with any consumer issues we may encounter whilst in Las vegas …..
...And,  if I mention insurance they will only insist that we go to the one with the meerkets and that aint happening either, whether they do travel insurance or give us a free squeaky toy or not!
SuitcaseHowever, if I have to tell Nigel to put his suitcase away yet again, he might find himself with an injury that we may have to claim on!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

That is a big suitcase for such a small monkey.
Will it be loud shirts all the way?

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. D you might find that suitcase is to carry all the winnings they accumulate at the casinos.

Anonymous said...

p.s. in all my excitement over the money I forgot to say the above was from JantheFan x
p.p.s. If I have to honest I am really excited as I am hoping when they return from the Land of the Free with all their bootie the regular followers of the blog might be in for a windfall.

Mr.D said...

I like your positive thinking, JtF.

marc said...

Me To JtF i like his bag it needs some vintage travell stickers on it i have a cd with lots of old travel labels on might have to get crafty mum to print some out when she is here visiting soon big love marc