Thursday, 10 January 2013

Robust Excitement Of A Wallpaper Paste Type Nature

There is a very strong aroma pervading Chateau Castle Greyskull at the moment, as we have decided to treat ourselves to a little refurbishment of the bedroom type department!
ancient wall paintingsIt’s all very romantic and both Darrell and Nigel are convinced that the decorators have disturbed mysterious ancient hieroglyphs from under the wallpaper in Nigel’s bedroom ….
Linda Barker Decor…. what are they like?
decorators ToolsThere are a lot of tempting and alluring tools and materials around the house ….. dustsheets in particular seems have a special fascination for Nigel…… Dulux Paint…. but both have been told,  in no uncertain terms ….   “DO NOT TO TOUCH ….. OR FACE MR RAY’S AND MY WRATH!”
Dulux DiamondI have tried a few diversion therapies tactics, like choosing which paper we should have for which room......  this has naturally produced much robust and at times heated and vociferous debate …..
Wallpaper BookNigel reckons the wallpaper book is biggest book he has ever read that's got no words, pictures or proper colours!


marc said...

i to love a wall paper book they can be used to make things like cards ect ,i just hope nigel does not try that how strong is wall paper glue teast were they glue some cloths to a board and then put a man in them and hang him from a helicopter ot just on the wall lol big love marc

Anonymous said...

It sure is a case of 'watch this space!'
Janthefan x

Anonymous said...

Awwww, how can one not be tempted by wallpaper hanging tools? Could there be secret messages (especially to hidden loot) of a more contemporary nature on the walls...perhaps worth a look with a magnifying many gorgeous papers in those books that should keep Darrell and Nigel occupied for hours!...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Could all get very messy. Maybe Marc and Hugh could advise on wallpaper tastes in London, especially suitable for London lounging.

marc said...

mr D rick is just off to do the big interious show 2013 at the NEC he has a few stands there he has desighnd and choose all the accessories and wallpapers paints ect for he is well in the know but he always say you get what you like as you have to live with it but he does influence what peps will buy not just in interious but fashion ect as they all link in together big love marc