Thursday, 17 January 2013

Blessed In A Special Edition Hello Magazine Type Way

Snow in WolverhamptonA couple of days ago we got a lovely e-mail right out of the blue from Heather one of our staunchest followers, asking if she could send us a little something for our Holiday Of A Lifetime Holiday …. she said ……
“Hi Monkey, Darrell and Nigel,
I have little packet for you, that I would like to post to you. One part is a travel journal that you could use for your trip. Could you let me have your address, so I can take it from my wardrobe to the post office?
Kind Regards
Heather ”
I could tell that this had touched Darrell greatly as I detected a few stifled sniffles coming from his general direction …..
Stifled sniffles……. We are so blessed in a Special Edition  Hello Magazine type way to have such lovely followers and we NEVER EVER take their kindness and thoughts for granted.  Naturally we replied and then a couple of days later came another e-mail from Heather arrived …..
Hi Monkey, Darrell and Nigel
I posted your parcel today - we only have a post office on a Friday.  The post office lady was very confused with your names, so it would be good if you could send a photo so I can show her what you look like.
Keep us up to date with your planning for the wedding and your 'trip of a lifetime'
With Best Wishes
We all remarked on how romantic it sounded to only have the services of a Her Majesty’s Post on a Friday,  if a tad inconvenient! We also had visions of Heather living in Wuthering Heights type scenario,  walking barefoot (???) across miles of rugged and windy terrain to get to the Friday Post, just for us!  There was more sniffing, I am afraid …..
waiting for the postmanAnd then Nigel sprang into action …. he collected a warm blanket and pillow, a flask and some biscuits and proclaimed that he would not leave our porch until Heather’s parcel had been afforded safe passage from “the village with only a Post Office on a Friday” to Castle GreySquirrel
Family Allowance Change In lawWell, when Nigel makes up his mind to do something there’s no use in trying to dissuade him otherwise …..
015….. so, while Nigel’s vigil began Darrell and I have decided to set about finding a respectable picture of us together to help Heather prove to the Friday only Post Office Lady that we are very real “real people” and not just made up characters!
Waiting for the Postman to come*Please be rest assured that we do not give our address out willy nilly, Auntie Jan is an ex policeman of long standing and following her expert advice we are robustly cautious about who we give our personal details to*


Anonymous said...

with Nigel on the job, all is assured for the safekeeping of the package as soon as the postman puts it in his hands! ....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I hope Cook Lady is very understanding when Nigel fails to show up for work.
She may say "That blessed Nigel," which has a different connotation and not in an Extra Special Edition Hello Magazine type way.

marc said...

i am sure it will come soon and how kind of her to send you it your have fun reding it i am sure big love marc

Heather Barber said...

I hope that Nigel didn't get into trouble with the Cook lady.

Anonymous said...

How exciting - there's nothing better than camping out waiting to raid the postman of any parcels he might have about his person. Hope you don't have too wait long nigel. Listen to Radio 4 - that will help pass the time away.