Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nigel Impresses ….

You may have gathered that since we are all back at work, the feeling in Darrell’s water, was all down to the mahooosive amount of homemade pickled beetroot he had consumed during the week, which had turned his wee pink and was nothing at all to do with him having a Derek Acorah premonition of an imminent lottery win type nature! 
Credit will not be givenHowever, in a way, I think Nigel would have been a tad disappointed if he had to give up his job helping The Cook Lady in the kitchen for a life of world travel, luxury and pina coladas on tap! “Knowing that credit will not be given, ” he mused “….. helps to keep me grounded”  Coffee Stirrers StarbucksHe also wanted to show Cook Lady the calculator that Santa had left him for Christmas ….. and demonstrate his prowess in getting the numbers to add up……..
Jubbly ….. even in conditions of extreme temperature.
004Cook Lady was very suitably impressed …..
Hard Maths Brown Sauce Sachets…. and has now put Nigel in charge of the distribution and provision of sauce.  We are sooooo proud!


Anonymous said...

With that matching hat and scarf and jingle bells Nigel is bound to impress. Congrats on the promotion!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Is Nigel a bit saucy? I hope he is not on the sauce.
Well done with the promotion.
Careful with life in the freezer. You don't want frostbite, just Frosty the Snowman.

marc said...

if he carries on this way he may even get to be dep manager we are so proud of him he has come along way in such a short time big love and show biz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

With dedicated Nigel and his calculator on duty, The Cook Lady can know inventory control is assured! Congratulations Nigel on your expanding responsibilities...the school is so very lucky to have you on board!...Dianne
PS.. there is always next week for opportunities via the Lottery