Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nigel’s New Years Eve ….

New Years Eve is a new phenomena for Nigel as  he is usually well tucked up in bed when Big Ben’s bongs strike midnight, but this year we decided to let him stay up a little later and take him out for meal ….. and to be honest watching him nom was like something from the story of the very hungry caterpillar …….
Poppadums…… first he ate through his own body weight in poppadum's and dips …and where not licking all the little bowls clean was non negotiable!! Then he had a samosa starter, which he ate so quickly that we didn’t have time to get any candid, bloggable shots ….. what is he like?
Codsall Spice Minty LambFor his “mains” Nigel opted for Minty Lamb,  a Tikka dish  infused with fresh garden mint, mango chutney, with a hint of cream in the Chef's special sauce …… however, he decided against accompanying it with rice and asked for a green salad instead, stating that as our normally vigorous 5 a day regime had gone a little awry over Christmas, he was going to lead by example, by getting back on the straight and narrow wagon again …. He declared his dish to be  “Absolutely nomtastical, par excellence” as he proceeded to wipe his plate squeaky clean with a substantial piece of Darrell’s cheese nan which he swiped when Darrell wasn’t looking.
Monkey Ice CreamWe thought that by this juncture Nigel would have reached saturation point, however, when the waiter proffered him the dessert menu he said that it could be considered most rude if he didn’t at least give it his  cursory consideration ….. and then he saw the monkey ice cream …….
January 1 2013…. which in some quarters,  could be regarded as tantamount to a weird form of  cannibalism …….. but Nigel woofed it down,  happily nomming  …. and was  even more thrilled when he was told that he could take the “empty” monkey home to put trinkets in etc. – “A pudding and a gift with a purpose  …. even better than a Kinder egg!” he announced ….. Oh good grief!
Floater CoffeeNow in celebratory mood, Nigel asked if he could possibly try a “floater coffee” as he had seen the waiters taking them to other tables ….and he was a touch “coffee curious”
011It was hard to refuse him and to be honest it is a pleasure to watch someone who enjoys his food as much as Nigel, at least he can never be accused of being a finicky, picky eater, that must be a nightmare!! So we relented, and then sat back and listened to Nigel’s contented slurping and nomming noises for the next ten minutes (as did most of the restaurant).    On paying the bill we realised that Nigel was finally sated, because although he accepted the complimentary chocolates, he slipped them into his pocket “…. for when I have a little more space……!”
Bilbrook Christmas Tree 2012We decided to walk home very slowly, via the village’s “wonky” Christmas tree, to let Nigel say a final goodbye to it  before it was dismantled.  He could see it from his bedroom window and before going to bed each night he would peep round the curtain and say it “Night, night tree, don’t let the Christmas bed bugs bite”
2012 Bilbrook Christmas Tree Well, that’s it for another year, no more Christmas ….. it’s back to the real world ….. what ever that is!???


Mr.D said...

You have made my mouth water!
I haven't managed a single curry in the nine day visit to the UK. Oh no!

There are a few days left until 6th January, "Los reyes" i.e. "the kings," the traditional day for the giving of gifts in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is a wonder to behold...His gusto and zest for his delicious food choices do make my mouth water exactly as Mr. D said! Now he will have to tell the stars "night night" and dream his sweet dreams of weddings and being a Las Vegas high roller all the while enjoying the endless Vegas food....You made my day once again, Nigel....Dianne