Sunday, 27 January 2013

Darrell is Officially The 223,794th Healthiest Person In The UK!

Good Grief …….
Innocent Check Up Darrell is such a one for a free gimmick or app on the internet, you can tell when he is up to something as he goes very quiet and then, all of a sudden a robust guffaw and amused snort breaks the silence,  as was the case when he found the Innocent January Check Up on Facebook!
I dread to think what his “considered” and “honest” responses were to the questions …….
Innocent Smoothie App Jan Check Up…… but he was exceedingly chirpy with the results! When he saw  that he was “79% likely to wear tiny shorts” ……(heaven help us all)  ….. he swiftly moved on to ….
Innocent Buns Of Steel….. BUNS OF STEEL ……. after which he had the audacity to say that he was a trifle fatigued after all his rampant clenching and that he was going to take a moment or two for quiet reflection,  and recover his strength ……
Healthiest Person In Great Britan UK…….. and if I wouldn’t mind awfully, could I bring him up a cup of tea in about half an hour!  Aghhhhh,  give me strength!!!


Anonymous said...

AAWWW, Darrell is looking robust and healthy and quite pleased with his official health status ranking; but securing Buns of Steel does require mahoosive dedication and lots of clenching!! A tea break and rest is par for the course after so much exertion...Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS Darrell is looking very happy in his bed of roses!!...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the tiny shorts! :-D

Anonymous said...
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Mr.D said...

Buns of steel? You know where to go when you lose the nutcracker!