Sunday, 13 January 2013

Captured For Posterity In JellyBelly Beans

We have been “bravely” coming to terms with the fact that our faces didn’t appear among the Marmite sponsored lights in London’s Oxford Street at Christmas, but to lighten the blow,  Darrell discovered that he could create portraits of himself and Nigel in JellyBelly Beans on the JellyBelly website
2012-11-25_32492Now admittedly, they are not all that clear and it would have been nice to have had an accompnaying  list of all the jelly bean flavours used and how many of each would be needed to create our very own  version of the aforementioned JellyBelly Bean portraits ……
2012-11-25_20733…. but then, thinking about it …. there is no way Darrell and Nigel would actually “waste” the real thing with globules of glue ….. and so, most would have been firmly consigned to their own jelly bellies, …. except for the cinnamon ones, which make both Darrell and Nigel heave!


Mr.D said...

I think they are great. They are as clear as you can get if you think of the size of jelly beans. If you squint a bit, they look even better. Maybe look at them from a greater distance, a la Monets.
If you did actually make them, I think Nigel would be tempted to pinch his favourite colours or to lick the pictures every now and again, hoping not to get caught.
Would they attract the wasps?

marc said...

i love them there jelly beans we use to get free samples when we went clubbing in the 90s you would come home after a night out with pockets full of jelly beans and these ones are the best i like the art work big love marc