Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What Have We Started??????

ThinkingNigel’s wardrobe malfunction problems have been troubling me robustly for a little a while now …..
Bum cleavage Builders BumThere’s only so much bum cleavage one can take ….
Builders Bum Bum Cleavage…. and after seeing it on a a very regular basis for quite some time I have to admit that it has lost a little of it’s certain allure and erm …. fascination!
Build a bear smallfrysI also have to confess to being very afraid that when we try to enter immigration control at Last Vegas airport,  at the start our Holiday of a Lifetime Holiday, we would be stopped and Nigel refused entry under some violation of an act of indecency type nature.
Smallfrys build a bear outfitsBut, Nigel’s body shape does not really confirm to the norm and so finding a range of “designer” wear that fits him perfectly has not been an easy task, but, thanks to Darrell’s due diligence, we finally came up trumps ….. and found two outfits, that “Will become,” says Darrell “ …the key pieces of Nigel’s new wardrobe!”
Smallfrys Build a bearNow, Nigel not known for his shyness had his “kit” was off, at the kitchen table before you could say “Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix” …….
Get your kit off for the boys …. and the transformation was instantaneous …..  from indecent exposure ….
Buils a Bear Smallfrys outfits….. to boy next door chicanista chic …..
No more builders bum….. with, no hint of a cleavage or VPL …..
Build a bear smallfrys dunagrees outfitLook no builders bum Smallfrys
and Nigel thinking he is the bees knees knees!!!!!!
New Smallfrys dungaree setSuccess ……
Binning old trousers…. and Nigel’s old trousers were shown abruptly to the bin!
However …..  curious to see what else he might fancy to go with his new look, we foolishly showed Nigel from whence his new sartorial apparel came….
Bridesmaid dress…. we now bitterly regret that decision, because Nigel is now desperate to see and speak to the Lovely Laura, as he thinks that he has found the perfect ensemble in which to perform his bridesmaidship duties at Tom and the aforementioned Lovely Laura’s forthcoming nuptials  …… oh good grief …. WHAT have we started!!!??????

Nigel's new wardrobe is from the Build a Bear Workshop http://www.buildabear.co.uk/shop/browsecategory.aspx?Category=smallfrys_accessories


Anonymous said...

How fab are you looking Nigel?
Loving those dungars!
JantheFan x

marc said...

i think they are fab but i am still not sure were you got them from as i am sure you would be able to die some to give a different look is there a link to these big love marc

Anonymous said...

AAAHHHH, the end of builder's bum! Fab new wardrobe.....Nigel is looking celebrity photo shoot worthy....new wedding options seem to be appearing, but I'm certain the Lovely Laura will have a firm hold on final choices!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Looking good - maybe velcro on the trousers and glued onto Nigel would be another answer - as long as itis not cruel.

Anonymous said...

Fab new wardrobe but I will miss the builders bum! :-D