Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Prime Minister Requests The Pleasure …….. An Invitation From 10 Downing Street!!!!!

10 Downing Street writing paperWe are privy to a great many to secret secrets,  and having been fully briefed,  we totally understand matters of national security etc., therefore our word is our bond …. and our lips remain tightly sealed, until we are told that we can reveal the aforementioned secret secrets.
Invite from No. 10 Well ….. we can now disclose that Auntie Jan and Vinnie were invited to 10 Downing Street by His Majesty The Prime Minister David Cameron to celebrate the Big Society Awards……. OMG!!!
Invite to 10 Downing Street.(*for security reasons Darrell has used a little of computer jiggery pokery to delete details of a delicate type nature from certain photographs)
Prime Minister InvitationNigel was almost beside himself at the thought that he was touching something that His Majesty David Cameron had touched,  when Vinnie brought us his invitation to see.
Invite From Downing StreetWe were so very proud of Auntie Jan and Vinnie, and not for the first time during their Olympic Adventure we welled up a little, it’s a dream that  just seems to be going on and on and on for them…….
Door of No. 10Now, because of extremely robust security measures,  Auntie Jan and Vinnie were not permitted to take any photos of the proceedings inside No. 10, this is the only picture that Vinnie managed to get of Auntie Jan before the No. 10 Policeman returned to his post in front of the (very shiny) door ….. and unfortunately Auntie Jan was not able to replicate the gesture for Vinnie.  There were official pictures taken, but again, unfortunately,  Auntie Jan was unable to access them ….. which is such a shame!!!
However,  Auntie Janet and Vinnie were able to network and smuzzzz with some very famous people and they said that the  “pictures will always be inside their heads”
David CameronAuntie Jan and Vinnie also told us that Mr Cameron was a very generous host and that the wine flowed very freely at No.10, and as such it would have looked most rude to refuse anything that was liberally proffered ……  as a result both confessed to feeling a little squiffy as they bid their farewells and they wended their very happy way home!!!!    Whatever will happen next to them, perhaps they’ll be asked to go into the next Celebrity Big Brother House …………??!!!  We would be soooooo jealous!!


Anonymous said...

This is bigger than BIG!!! is mahoosively GIGANTIC.....a VERY well deserved honour...many congratulations of Auntie Jan and Vinnie...long may they enjoy volunteering and all the life rewards it brings.....Dianne

Frenchie said...
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Mr.D said...

Wow - well done Auntie Jan and VtV! Well deserved.
Very generous of Mr. Cameron to use our taxpayers' money with plenty of wine. Only kidding, I certainly don't begrudge AJ and VtV a bottle or two. Not that I pay tax in the UK any more.

P.S. Our internet died so I have been playing catch up.

P.P.S. I am normally terrible with these anti-robot things. I am sure a rtobot such as Wall-E wouldn't do anything untoward.

Anonymous said...

Oh I say - mixing in high circles, it will be an invitations for tea at the Palace next! And well done Aunty Jan x

marc said...

welldone you two you worked so hard to do things right its good to see that peps get noticed big love marc and a Showbiz wave from Hugh