Monday, 14 January 2013

Robust Anticipation Of A Snow Driven Type Nature …..

snow hits midlandsAll Nigel and Darrell did yesterday was to sit looking from what they considered to be the prime focal positions from the various windows in Castle GreySquirrel (as we have now “re-christened” our abode), each watching for the merest hint of snow, and when they weren’t staring at the skies, they were on the net studying the latest reports coming from the Met Office …….
Met weather forecastAs they watched and waited they talked of igloos they would make and sleep in (I think not!), snowmen they would build and epic snow ball fights they would partake in ……
snow patrol….. And,  I have to admit that my thoughts wandered to the possible photo opportunities that might present themselves  thus ensuring that our 2013 Christmas Cards could be in the bag already!!!!
snow watchHowever,  it proved to be a long, long waiting game …….
snow hits uk
….. but finally,  just as they were about to admit defeat and go to bed, their patience was rewarded by a moment of total awe and wonder…….
snow hits midlands ….. as snow began to fall everso softly over Castle GreySquirrel ……….


Mr.D said...

Chapeau Castle Grey Squirrel could have a romantic air by the morning.
Wrap up well. It was minus 47°C just before I left Kazakhstan! It is warm and sunny here in Mexico City.

Mr.D said...

P.S. How come I can't post a comment for 3rd January? I have tried numerous times.

Anonymous said...

We have snow here now boys and more to come tomorrow. Feel free to build your igloo in my garden anytime. Trouble is you will have to share it with a big daft dog who likes to get his mouth round anything soft and shake it to death - oh dear maybe that is not a good idea after all.
JantheFan x

marc said...

jan the fan the boys meet my girls and they just looked at them and wanted to lick them nigel thought that was the best thing ever as he would never have to bath again we have a light dusting of snow in london like iceing sugar on a fairy cake big show biz wave Hugh