Monday, 21 January 2013

Robust Competition Of A Snowman Type Nature …..

snowman envyThe people next door had built a snowman yesterday morning ……
snow hits UK snowman….. and we have to admit to a robust snowman envy …..
042….. but not to be outdone, we got out there in our warm winter apparel, and fashioned a snowman of our own …..
Snow hits midlands 2013……perhaps not as tall in stature as next doors, but a snowman of our own creation.
006January 2013 snowman
The occasion also leant itself for (as I had hoped) an impromptu Hello Magazine type photo session …..
……. so we changed fleetingly into our PE Lady’s Mum’s Christmas Jumpers for a few “cazzzzzz” shots to “put away” until later on in the year for our seasonal and limited edition Christmas cards ……
Our snowmanAnd then ……  we all became overwhelmed by the urge to frolic robustly ……..
snow angel….. even I overcame my usual reserved and serious demeanour …..
snow angel.….. with the picture (below) being a  hot favourite for our aforementioned Christmas cards …. (We’re S’no Angels!!!)
snow angels.Then Nigel begged us to make him an igloo …..
snow cave….. however,  the making of igloos is not really our forte …..
snowcave.….. although Nigel was very, very pleased with what we did fashion for him ……
snowcave….. but we had to tell him quite categorically that it was just for playing in and NOT sleeping in!! 
snowman Jan 2013.It was the most perfect fun filled afternoon with all thanks going to next doors snowman!


Anonymous said...

Just brilliant as always - loving that blue duffle coat!
Great pics! Fantastic snowman.
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I like the Peruvian-style hats. I wonder if Paddington Bear wore one when he was in Darkest Peru.
I taught Mrs. D about snow angels when she first set foot in the stuff. We both made one in Canada.

Anonymous said...

p.s. don't feel overwhelmed by the size of the snowman next door - big is NOT always better!

Anonymous said...

Mr.D - you certainly are a globe trotter - is there anywhere on this earth you haven't been?
Btw - that p.s. is from me - but Mr. D. interrupted my flow.
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Love the snow angels! Great Christmas card worthy pictures.....perfect snowman with that happy twig smile...inspired choice there!...What a memorable snow day...Dianne

Di said...

What a fun time - and some fabulous shots for 2013's Christmas cards.

Hugs, Di xx

Mr.D said...

I have been fortunate to see lots of the world, including Darkest Peru, but I never met Paddington or any of his relatives.

marc said...

fab snow man and great to see you having fun big love marc