Saturday, 25 May 2013

A Move Sideways …. To Exciting Times Ahead.

It seems that my “extra curricular duties” in the Admin Office while things have been a bit quiet in the Food Department but hectic in Admin have not gone unnoticed and as such, yesterday I was called in to the main office …..for a “little chat”…… promotion at lastBelieve me,  my heart was pounding robustly in my chest and my mind raced to all sorts of conclusions as I wondered if I had done something untoward … maybe I had booked a bus with a company with a disreputable reputation or had displayed an unfortunate telephone manner at a moment of great import  ….. but no, ….it seems that with all the new developments in school at the moment,  it was felt that my prowess for all things of an organisational type nature could be better put to use in Admin …..…. rather than in a tea towel/flour dredger/rolling pin distribution type capacity.
Promotion New Office I confess I was a little taken aback, but without any hesitation I accepted this sideways move and the challenge of organising trips of a home based and foreign type nature, amongst many other exciting duties,  it also means that I would once more be working in the same office as Darrell …. who is, at present the schools current Confidential Document Shredder Operative. …..
New Office PenI felt honoured to accept my new purple admin pen as my badge of honour and pledge of allegiance ….
New job new responsibilities…. and immediately set to work on getting the assembly record sheets in order, a little hesitant I admit,  for these are early days ... but I know there are some very exciting times ahead!
Farewell office farewell


Mr.D said...

Congratulations! They have seen something in you - and it isn't stuffing.
I'd like to think of it, not as a sideways move, and if it isn't a forwards move, then a diagonal move forwards. Maybe like a bishop in chess.
More responsibility and a purple pen, which, coincidentally, is the colour bishops often wear. Not bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Adding my congratulations, too!! So happy to see you are appreciated and your skills and responsible efficient attitude toward your work is valued! Onward and upward! The school is lucky to have all three of you.... That purple pen is lovely....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Sorry they're a little belated, but I'm catching up on all of your adventures (with a smile and much mirth!) x