Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Eurovision Song Contest …… TONIGHT ….. And Our Concise And Considered Twitters

downloadYou may have thought we had been a little remiss this year in our not mentioning it before …. but YES …. we WILL be glued tonight,  as per usual,  to our televisual highlight of the year The Eurovision Song Contest,  even though, to be brutally honest and with much candour,  we don’t think that Bonnie Tyler has a swinging cats chance in hell, of getting more than dix points at the end of the proceedings ……..
bonnie tylerWe have not missed any of the semi final qualifying rounds this week ……
2013 Eurovision.….. which,  shall we say,  have caused us not a little amusement ….. with regards to song lyrics, staging, costumes and overall over the top performances ….. at one stage Darrell laughed so robustly I thought he might have wet himself!
2013 EurovisionIf you remember our plan last year for Darrell to relay our concise and considered opinions via twitter @DarrellMonkey during the evening ….. was cruelly thwarted, after Darrell went **** over ***  on our newly polished floor and ended up in casualty ….. well,  we are going to attempt it again tonight ….. so if you would like to join us at Castle Greysquirrel …… let’s all party in a multicultural and totally nonsensical song type way ….. vive la difference and come on Bonnie!
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Anonymous said...

Good Luck to one and all....Dianne

Mr.D said...

With wonderful lyrics such as:
Boom boom boom Bing Bang Bong
Inky Pinky Parlez-Vous
Wunderbar, oo-la-la
Have a great evening and make sure you have plenty of nomtastic snacks at hand.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you have brought this, not to be missed, TV hightlight of the year to the attention of the nation. JantheFan x

KraftyKaren said...

My cake is baked and the nibbles are packed ready for our annual Eurovision party at my Mum's - I truly believe we have an entry that can do even worse than last year LOL!!!

Enjoy your evening and stay safe!!

Karen x

marc said...

we watched it all like we always do big love marc and co