Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tenby Toffees With A Hint Of An Adventure To Come …… ?

The GCSE Geography girls brought me back a box of Tenby Toffees from their residential field trip to Broad Haven after I had helped with a few of the arrangements towards while things were a bit slow in the Food Dept., where I can usually be found.
Tenby ToffeesIt was so very kind of them,  I was quite overwhelmed and said that I would take them home to share with Darrell and Nigel ……
Toffees from Tenby.…. as we are all very partial to a toffee, especially when we are watching Britain’s Got Talent.
Liqourice toffee from TenbyI could have predicted in a Derek Acorah  type way that Nigel would plump for the liquorice ones …. as he has a propensity to cover his front teeth with them pretending that he has accidently swallowed one or two of them  …. followed by showing us his hideously black tongue after sucking on one rigorously …. what is he like?
chose your toffeeDarrell opted for a treacle toffee, followed by a rum and butter then pretended he was drunk ….. again sooooo predictable!
Treacle Toffee toffee from tenby….. And I settled for a plain “normal” one, also a very predictable choice according to Darrell and Nigel …..
Toffee Gift from TenbyWe then took to studying the pictures of Tenby on the box, it certainly looks a very nice place to go  and somewhere we have never been despite our extensive holidaying curtsey of Sun £9.50 holidays ….. which put me in mind of a comment I’d received on Facebook from Mrs. C,  The Lady What Teaches Geography ……
tenby…… ..... now there’s an idea, after our holiday of a lifetime holiday to Last Vegas in the summer ….. things can only keep going up ….. so perhaps it will be a case of Tenby here we come in 2014!!!


Mr.D said...

I thought Nigel might have stuck his teeth together.

Anonymous said...

I'm having a Derek Acorah moment too - it's pitch black, I can hear lots of squeals and someone tutting - I can see three hard hats gleaming in the darkness - it's coming clear now into view - it's Darrell and Nigel screaming when down in the Big Pit at Tenby and Monkey tutting at their behaviour.
Sounds like an idyllic adventure for you boys!
JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

A wonderful thank you gift...and so much fun while enjoying their deliciousness! Seems to be a super location for a relaxing as well as exciting holiday...Enjoy!!...Dianne