Thursday, 9 May 2013

Nigel’s Bespoke Suit –Suitable For A Meeting The Queen.

Since getting his Royal Garden Party Invitation Nigel has been in a state of absolute flux, fretting robustly about what to wear after we advised him that possibly dungarees were not de rigueur as far a garden parties of a royal Buckingham Palace type nature are concerned…..
Bidding On E-bay….. and as such,  he began spending hour after hour on the internet trying to find out where he could get a bespoke suit in his size, not an easy task as his measurements can hardly be regarded as normal regular.
Monkey wedding suit….. but finally his due diligence paid off and he found EXACTLY what he was looking for, at a price he could afford, it was beautiful ........  and then I am afraid it all became a little too much for him ..... and he went very, very still …….. so still in fact that we actually thought he had stopped breathing …….
Wedding suit for Monkey……. his eyes glazed over and he couldn’t speak for at least ten minutes ……and even after that all he could muster was  “OMG, OMG, OMG!” over and over again.
Wedding Suit for pg tips monkeyHowever,  once he managed to get himself composed he contacted Lorraine the lady who could “tailor” him  a  “bespoke suit”,  after getting Darrell to take down his measurements very, very carefully, in minute detail,  as there could be no margin for error.  And then he went upstairs to count his money, but  Darrell and I said we would put half towards it, because after all,  it isn’t every day one of us is commanded to take tea with The Queen …..
….. All Nigel can do now is wait for Lorraine to do her magic ….. and for his parcel to arrive! There's really going to be no doing with him till then!


Mr.D said...

I assume it is a "monkey suit."

Anonymous said...

It is all SO exciting - life doesn't get better than this. JantheFan x

Mick R said...

Hi Monkey, Darrell and Nigel,

Would you please share the contact details of Lorraine the bespoke suit tailor?

marc said...

LOL MR D SO QUICK i am sure it will be very special and be perfect for the queen and luara to big love marc

Mr.D said...

Thank you Marc. You are correct to say the suit will be perfect for the big wedding and for the Queen. He may also be in line with Hugh to play James Bond.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is going to be the perfect picture of a dapper young monkey going to visit Her Majesty by special invitation.....Hooray for Lorraine! there had to be an answer for the proper custom tailored outfit to this once in a lifetime social occasion! Excellent investment ensuring Nigel will now have the wardrobe for all of life's posh celebrations...Dianne