Thursday, 23 May 2013

OMG–Nigel and Darrell The Totally Unofficial Faux Faces Of Kinder!!!!

Parcel from KinderWhen we got in from work yesterday there was a parcel of a very mysterious type nature waiting in the porch of Castle Greysquirrel addressed to Monkey, Darrell and Nigel ….. to wit us!!!!!LOndon postmarkWe didn’t recognise the handwriting, but were very excited by the romantic London postmark, because parcels from London are always very important.
face of kinder 2013We let Nigel do the honour of revealing the contents of the said parcel ….. OMG …OMG ...OMG… his (and our) eyes were as big as saucers as we all spotted the name “Kinder” through the bubble wrap  …… and we have to admit, by this stage all our hearts were going ten to the dozen!!!Face of kinder chocolate 2013It seems that although Darrell and Nigel had recovered fairly quickly after the mahoooosive, slight disappointment of both their applications to be the Face of Kinder 2013 being “rejected” as unsuitable, under a minor technicality, namely – that they are monkeys and not children (as required) …..
Kinder chocolate nom nom nom…. The Lovely Kirsten from Kinder had obviously got wind of their let down and taken it very much to heart and in an effort to help Darrell and Nigel get over their “rejection” had sent them each their very own “Totally Unofficial Faux Face of Kinder 2013” packs …… A deafening silence fell upon our kitchen as we looked at them, we were all totally overwhelmed and moved in a Hello Magazine type way.
kinder chocolate bars And, we are not ashamed to say that there were several manly sniffs ….   to think that someone from such a company, in the midst of a national (worldwide??) campaign could be so kind and thoughtful as to take on board Darrell and Nigel's disappointment!
We love KinderHowever, once Nigel had regained his composure, he immediately suggested that we had …. "better get stuck in"  as it would look awfully ungrateful and rude not too! It was a gift that was meant to be eaten with robust pleasure and gusto,  rather than just looked at …. and it would be wicked to let them go stale …..!
kinder nom nom nomWhat is he like?
Kinder surpriseThere then followed much happy nomming!!! ….. Our score on our Richter scale of noms?  …… 20/10 of course!!  Thank you Kirsten and everyone at The Kinder Factory, you’ve made three monkeys very happy, this was well worth being rejected for!!!!! xxxxx


Di said...

How cool is that then?! I take back all my thoughts about boycotting Kinder in protest. Make sure you keep those precious wrappers boys - even after the contents have been 'woofed' down.

Hugs, Di xx

Mr.D said...

Wow. Amazing. Wonderful.
Well done to kind Kirsten at Kinder. What a surprise.
I initially thought it was something very crafty Marc and supervised by super Hugh.
Excellent job by Kinder!

Anonymous said...

Now that IS goood PR for you!!!! Thank You Kinder and well done you boys! Your fame or should that be faces continue their traverse over the globe! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Aren't surprises wonderful? Kirsten recognized the injustice of that one little technicality and made it right! I am certain those at Kinder can now see how your fantastic pictures enhance their candy....Save the wrappers!!....Dianne

marc said...

KINDAR will be my choc choice of all time and i will pass this info of there kindness on to lots of others this is truly a good company well done KINDA you are real stars big love marc

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! I love Kinder :-)