Friday, 17 May 2013

Making Pizza With Nigel

Yesterday all was very quiet on the Food Dept. front where I work,  so I asked Nigel to pop in after his shift in his beloved kitchen as I was trying out a new scone based pizza recipe for next weeks demonstration  ……
scone based pizza.scone based pizza
…. and I needed his advice re: considered topping options and innovative topping placement, but to be honest asking for Nigel’s considered opinion when faced with a wide and varied selection of aforementioned  toppings doesn’t really work  ….. as his attitude is why only have one or two toppings when there are ten to choose from….. if they all taste good,  why not bung them all on in great plenitude …. and once the cheese has melted all over the pizza   … it didn’t really matter how delicately your placed your mushroom slices, peppers or salami  …. because everything would end up in the same place anyway …… to wit his tummy!!!
watching the ovenPizza scone based
The boy has so much to learn about fine cuisine ….. but he washed up with robust enthusiasm and set the table, whilst I kept my eye on the oven.
nom nom nomWhen it came out …. it smelt and looked delicious despite my reticence to just chuck it all together as advised by Nigel   ….
pizza with scone base….. And how did it taste ……???
pizza with everythingI’ll leave Nigel to have the last word …… nomtastic !!!
pizza nothing leftSo nomtastic in fact that it fair beat us both …. we were forced to leave a little bit for Mr Manners ……. after the toppings had been nibbled off first of course …….  what are we like?


Anonymous said...

Pizza - my favourite - I would ask for a slice but see it's all gone. time maybe?! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

They do a Mexicana pizza here which is very tasty, including green peppers, onion and jalapeños. Most Mexicans then put chile sauce on top to give it an extra kick. Nomtastic but your pizza looks wonderful too.

marc said...

it looked fab but only veg for me please was the base good big love marc

Anonymous said...

A truly delicious looking pizza that is destined to get your taste buds impatiently waiting for a bite! A winner for certain.....Dianne