Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Japanese Snacks

We had some Japanese students in school a few weeks ago and as a “Thank You” they sent the staff a box of Japanese Titbits to try ………
Japanese snacksNaturally, having never tasted a Japanese comestible type snack before Darrell and Nigel were most eager to embrace the experience ….. The first thing that struck them were the beautiful and exotic labels attached to each packet  ….. “Japanese writing is sooooooo romantic” Darrell sighed.
025However, there was little clue as to the contents of the packets other than the words “potato” and “veg” …….
Japanese potato snacks….. and the shapes didn’t give much clue either ….. but since when has that ever stopped Darrell and especially Nigel where eating food is concerned.
unusual japanese snackNigel got stuck in and nommed profusely declaring that “Initially,  the taste is sweet and sugary, but after a few chews the savoury element kicks in"
Japanese snacks. ……and then added " ..... The flavours and textures are very delicate and refined, and I surmise  that in Japan these would be VERY posh snacks and make our Monster Munch look like a bull in a china shop as far as subtlety of flavour goes by comparison !”  He then awarded the snacks eight noms out of ten on his Richter Scale of noms! What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Well done to the Japanese students.
Did they all go home with Black Country yam yam accents?
It aye the wuss.

Anonymous said...

They're very brave to try those things!

I thought I wouldn't like Japanese food, imagining it to all be sushi, but when visiting friends in Manchester was taken to Teppanyaki which is a very entertaining restaurant and somewhere I recommend the boys visit if they are ever up that way. :)

marc said...

they look like twigletts but with with no flavour lo big love marc

Mr.D said...

Very observant. I thought the same as you - Twiglets.

Anonymous said...

Very thoughtful students! Nigel and Darrell's taste buds are becoming more international all the time.....their reviews are a treat in themselves.......Dianne