Friday, 31 May 2013

Nigel …. Finally Off To London To Meet The Queen!

To say that Nigel had packed and unpacked his suitcase for his London Adventure a million times it would be a tiny weeny understatement!!!
Off to London 1
We have just left him to it as it has kept him occupied …. and we as we can hear him constantly running through his very precise list and robust packing routine, even we know that he has packed EVERYTHING and nothing has been forgotten ….. from his bespoke suit and top hat, his clean pants (in triplicate), his new black socks, his pj's, his toothbrush and tooth paste and his Lynx body spray ….
Off to London 2
….. to his invitation to the Queen’s Garden Party, fully charged Oyster Card …..
O)ff to London 3
……. train tickets …..
off to London 4
….. and his passport which must be presented at the Palace Gate as proof of his identity! 
Off to London 5
Each night,  before going to sleep he has also studied the London Underground map with meticulous attention to detail ….. making certain of the route
off to London 6
…….it would look most rude if he turned up on Her Majesty doorstep even just one minute late!
Off to London 7
This morning he was sat on the stairs waiting to be picked up at 5.30am, even though he wasn’t leaving until 11.00am…..
off to London 8
It’s safe to say that several manly tears were shed as we said our goodbyes  …… If only we could be with our little Nigel to share in this momentous occasion,  when perhaps,  after conversing with him for just a  little while,  Her Majesty may perhaps become so smitten by his charm that she might decide to whip out her sword and “dob” him ….. …. reciting those immortal words……
Off to London 9
…………………  “Arise Sir Nigel … I knew him well!”


Mr.D said...

How wonderful. I'm sure he will do you all proud.
I hope he is able to meet up with Hugh and Hugh's wonderful friends. I'm sure some LL will occur too.
P.S. What happened to Thursday? I logged on with keen anticipation.....

Anonymous said...

Nigel is the Man of the Hour and his packing skills are tiptop! Will be thinking of you dear Nigel and imagining the wonder of this magnificent day.......can hardly wait to hear about every moment....Much Love to you as you begin your journey.....Dianne