Monday, 27 May 2013

…. Pulling Out All The Stops!

Darrell had noticed in recent days that the tulips planted in what appears to be the new flora epicentre of our village were sadly past their best …. …. and had wondered what new developments, if any, would ensue in regards for our community pursuit to become Staffordshire’s Best Kept Village.
Bilbrook Looking GoodWell, it seems that there has been some robust planting afoot while we have been at work…..
best Kept Village Bilbrook….. because two clumps of pansies and what we believe to be is a Hosta (?) ….
best Kept Village Planting….. are now in situ at the foot of the newly erected centrepiece hanging basket feature. …..
Best Kept Village developments…. not only that,  but set at diagonals to each other a small bush and a conifer have also been planted strategically …. all bodes very well …
Best Kept Village Bit of a BushBilbrook best Kept Village Competition Resplendant Tree
Darrell says it will be an “absolute travesty” if we are not awarded the trophy and the aforementioned title of Best Kept Village, and if not questions will be asked in Parliament!
005What is he like?


Anonymous said...

I would get Nigel to have a word with Her Majesty when he partakes of tea and cake in the parlace gardens - ma'am might visit the village - not that would cause a few flowers to bud forth if not first! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I hope no-one sabotages the rival villages - Nigel!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like a full scale carefully designed landscaping plan is going forward to catch the judges' eye....hope all the plantings stay fresh and green for the big day.....perhaps they will replace the tired tulips.....hanging baskets are always a winner!!....Dianne