Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Happy Birthday Marc

Happy Birthday MarcRobust and Very Happy Birthday Greetings to our lovely, lovely friend Marc, in whose lounge, “London Lounging”  was born …. amongst his mahoooosive collection of cushions, which change to suit his whim and mood, once, twice …. three times a day.  Marc IS London Style ….. and without whom London and Darrell would know nothing about de rigeuer.
Robust birthday greetingsWe are sorry we can’t be with you today, but you know that you will be in our hearts …..
007…. and as Nigel blew out your birthday candle we each made a special birthday wish for you …. Darrell wished that “the girls” would sweep the board at every show they entered this summer and fill the house with rosettes  …… I wished that you would find happy and wondrous things when you go to your beloved summer fetes, fayres  and carboot sales …..
Kinder birthday…… and Nigel wished that you would always have a very ample sufficiency of Kinder chocolate ….. because we know it is your very favourite confectionary comestible of choice! We hope that about covers all bases!!!


Mr.D said...

Happy birthday.
Feliz cumpleaños, as they say here in Mexico.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
My very best wishes.

qwiksave said...

A very happy birthday to Marc from me too, qwiksave. From posts like this I can tell that you have a very generous soul and deserve the very bestest birthday to end all bestest birthdays. Happy Birthday Marc! x

Anonymous said...

Sending Very Happy Birthday Wishes from this side of the Atlantic and hoping your Birthday Celebration is the best ever....Dianne

marc said...

Thank you boys so much i had a little tear in my eye as i could not wish for better wishes han you have given the girls have had their baths and nails done tuppence has her flag tied to her tail practising for the waggist tail piccalilli is flatering her eye lashes and making her eyes look the sadest they can to win the dog with the biggest eyes and lotty is just looking as sweet as she can and throwing a few trick moves so she can go in for the dog the judges want to take home while rick and i building up our skiping moves while holding our hands high at a limp 45 degree so we have that pro dog shower look and dont let them down lol thanks again gang and make sure you eat that cake big love marc

Di said...

A lovely post for a lovely gentleman - Happy Birthday Marc!!

Can I just point out one teensy little thing - that is one mahoosive candle for the birthday cake! More suited to power cuts, only sayin'

Hugs, Di xx

Anonymous said...

MAHOOSIVE HaPpY BiRtDaY Marc - hope all your dreams come true - with glitter on and lots more cushions! Best wishes JantheFan x

marc said...

Thanks every one for my birhday wishes they ment a lot your all so fab big love marc