Saturday, 4 May 2013

Time Team To Visit Our Village?

Darrell always gets very excited when he sees that we have digging going on in the village, especially if it is the vicinity of Castle Greysquirrel …..
road worksHe has fanciful dreams of them uncovering the long lost burial chamber of an ancient king (or Queen) or a mahoooosive hoard of Viking doubloons ….
Roadworks.dig a hole
…… and the council having to call out the (now sadly defunct) Time Team to our back garden as it were,  to do the excavations and then Darrell could take endless cups of tea and biscuits  to Tony Robinson in exchange for romantic and exclusive snippets on how the dig was going. 035However, so far, this dig only holds the promise of faster Broadband …. so our Hobnobs and Custard Creams are safe from ravenous appetites and dirty fingers of the aforementioned Tony Robinson and countless excavating archaeologists and geofizz experts for the time being, and Darrell will have to dolly daydream for a little longer ……..


Mr.D said...

Doubloons were Spanish but I prefer the term "Viking doubloons" so Darrell should try to find some - they would be very rare.

Anonymous said...

Always fun to let your imagination run never know what is lurking underground so don't give up hoping for excavational type excitement....Dianne

marc said...

Ricks fav show to for me all they ever find is roman vicking or tudour things o and the odd anglo saxon bit of tack big love marc