Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Our First Barbeque Of The Season

001Yesterday the weather was absolutely fabulous, and with the foolhardy disregard we caste our winter vests and woollies willy nilly to the wind, if you pardon the expression ...... 
first bbq of 2013And in our family any glimmer of the more clement weather heralds the start of the joyful, if slightly smoky Barbie Season”, a comestible repast we all very much relish, so when Auntie Sarah asked us over to hers to partake in theirs….. it would have looked most rude to refuse.
May Bank Holiday 2013
nom nom nom bbq sweetcorn
We knew from past experience that  it would be a veritable feast and though we are advocates of a hearty breakfast, followed by a fulsome lunch,  we decided, on this occasion, to eat sparsely throughout the day to ensure that we had enough room to indulge with gusto, without fear of feeling too full before the third round of sausages.
nom nom nom bbqLet’s just say we refused nothing …… family bbq may day 2013…… and left nothing, all that remained on each of our plates was a satisfying pile of wooden skewers and robustly sucked barbecued ribs!
BBQ 2013 wolverhamptonNigel was very taken with the “posh de rigeuer salad leaves” that were served, saying that from now on he would prefer them to our usual iceberg or cos, which are  now “so last year”  ….. what is he like?
cheeky PimmsWe also had to keep a careful  eye on his consumption of “Cheeky Pimms”,  another thing he seems to have developed a taste for …. his excuse for drinking it a little too quickly for our liking was,  he said,  “to get to the fruit salad and vitamin C at the bottom …… hic!”
summer Pimmssunny May Day Bank Holiday 2013
It was a wonderful evening after a hard day at work ….. the warm sunshine, convivial company and food that was so nom, nom, nom and Masterchef that it fell of our Richter scale of barbecue noms.


Anonymous said...

What a perfect start to the finger lickin' Barbie Season! Nigel's gourmet tastes ever growing......that boy has a culinary future for sure!......Dianne

Mr.D said...

I hope Nigel doesn't eat too much before he meets her Madge the Queen.

marc said...

it all looked so summer fun a good start for all big love marc