Wednesday, 22 May 2013

More Best Kept Village Developments

Best kept Village staffordshireVillage hanging baskets
Darrell  has noted that the council have now added five hanging baskets of pansies to the post that we think may well be the floral epicentre of our village,  as it eagerly awaits the much anticipated judging of the Best Kept Village competition to begin …..
pansies hanging basket….. but though very lovely ….. we didn’t really think that pansies are renowned for their trailing properties (unlike some varieties of lobelia or fuchsias)  ….. but then,  who are we to question such matters of a horticultural type nature when all our gardening knowledge comes from occasionally watching of Alan Titchmarch when nothing else of interest is on the tele.
faux flowersDarrell also noticed that there had been some interesting developments in the large plant containers outside The Woodman pub …..
faux flower display ….. so taken in by the display was he that he actually went up close to drink in their fragrance ……
pretend flowers…… only to discover that the abundance of foliage and flowers that had caught his eye was in fact faux, a confection of weather-proof floral frippery ….. strategically placed betwixt “real” fauna and flora and planted in real soil possibly to "deceive" the Best Kept Village judging panel into believing that a robust programme of planting had  occurred …….. We are entirely sure that this move bodes well for our village’s success  ……. it may cost us valuable marks …….


Mr.D said...

Plastic plants indeed.
Maybe the rules of the competition just say it has to look nice, not that they have to be real plants. At least The Woodman is doing its bit.
Hopefully everyone will join in. Nigel on a plinth and Darrell on a pedestal would be a nice feature.

Anonymous said...

The pansies are lovely and the faux planter arrangment looks promising if the judges don't examine it too closely...Perhaps they will just enjoy the overall effect...never know how diligent they will be about details....Dianne

marc said...

those silk plants can be very expensive and next time i see you boys i will have to tell you a little story of a showbiz scandel type nature involving £10000s of imitaion flowers a Hello type sort of photo shot a flock of baby goats a left open pen and a very up set singer lets just say the goats were nearly kebabes big hush hush wisper love Hugh

Mr.D said...

You will have us all wondering who! Is it a story to be told whilst London lounging?
I hope you had a wonderful birthday.