Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Their Loss!

Darrell and Nigel received this very disappointing response to their recent quest to become “The Face(s) of Kinder 2013”
Face of Kinder 2013….. Obviously it’s Kinder’s loss ….. they could have seen their profits rocket robustly if they had only looked beyond the wooliness of Darrell and Nigel’s little faces and outside the proverbial box to give them a chance!
Oh well ….. onwards and upwards ….. Darrell and Nigel never stay down for too long …. and no doubt they will find themselves plenty more opportunities to be the “face of something” ………… though I dread to think what!!!


Mr.D said...

Oh dear.
What a pity.
Never mind.
They had to face the music.
Will they have egg on their face?
Talk to the hand, the face ain't listening.
This is a slap on the face.
Don't be po-faced.
Take their email at face value.

Di said...

That does it - I'm boycotting Kinder from now on in protest! Di xx

Anonymous said...

How disappointing! Hopefully they can be the face of something before the year is out. x

Anonymous said...

No taste Kinder - they will not be going in my shopping basket! Onward and upward boys - perhaps there are bigger opportunites just around the corner! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Obviously Kinder's advertising execs have a sevvere case of arrested development....or constricted creativity, not to see the possibilities; definitely their loss.....but there's always another day for Nigel and Darrell to continue seeking their dreams...Dianne

marc said...

Boys your face must be like mine to well known and far to lovey for them they want a new milky bar kid i suggest we send old photos of us as children lol o we cant we are monkeys big show biz wave Hugh