Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Rather Disappointing Confectionary Review

magnum chocolatesWe were all robustly excited when Darrell bought home some of the new Magnum chocolates he found on the shelves in our village Tesco Express  as we are all rather partial to a Magnum ice cream on a hot summers day as an occasional,  if slightly prohibitive, cold comestible treat ….
new magnum chocolates….. and the thought of experiencing the pleasures of a Magnum but in the guise of a chocolate and without risk of an ice-cream headache held us in thrall!
mangnum chocolates.When unwrapped they did indeed look like itsy bitsy miniatures of their namesake ….
magnum chocolate disappointmentmagnum chocolate vanilla filling
However ….. though the chocolate was generous in it’s thickness  …. it was a little bitter for our admittedly very sweet taste ….. magnum chocolate filling….. and there really wasn’t enough vanilla filling to satisfy ….. we all felt it lacked the substantiality of a satisfying portion if we are to be brutally honest …. and thus was lost in the density of the chocolate …..
Magnum chocolates reviewIn short …. there was an air of great disappointment around our confectionary testing table ….. what promised so much did, for us, not deliver ….. and so sadly we feel we can only award new Magnum chocolates a non-nomtastic 2 noms …. sorry!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - sad faces all round. Will stick to Kinder they ALWAYS have lovely happy smiley faces on their products. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Non-nomtastic then?
Thank you for an honest appraisal. They should sign you up to the Which magazine to do confectionery reviews.
Maybe Hello magazine could sign you up to do London Lounging confectionery reviews.

Anonymous said...

Those delicious looking tidbits with their hopefully chocolatey/creamy goodness did look promising.... such a shame they didn't deliver the anticipated noms!....but your professional reviewing talent is impressive ....Dianne