Saturday, 11 May 2013

Nigel Learning To Talk Proper.

006We are not actually sure as to whether Nigel will have any actual verbal discourse with Her (long to reign over us) Majesty at her Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, but four armed is best forwarmed …. or words to that effect ….
preparing for the queen….. and as such Darrell has taken it upon himself to tutor Nigel in all matters of an  electrocution elocution type nature……. so that if the situation should arise he can talk to the Queen proper.Learrning to talk properSo it would not be an understatement to say that “…. the rain in Spain” has been robustly raining “on the plain” chez Castle Greysquirrel ……
a e i o uElocution lessons to meet the queen
…… with Darrell rather relishing his role as Professor Higgins …… to Nigel’s Eliza Doolittle …..
Elocution lessons.Talking to the queen
However,  some of the faces Nigel has been pulling in order to get the right sounds out may have to be tempered or else Her (long to reign over us) Majesty may need to rapidly pass on down the line, for fear of bursting into a fit of unaccustomed royal laughter …..
monkey pulling funny faceWe have also been advised by “someone what knows” that should Nigel have any of the aforementioned discourse with The Queen, in the first instance he should call her “Your Majesty” ……
fist in mouth…… and then after that she should be addressed as “Mam” as in “Jam” and NOT “Marm” as in “Smarm”.  Poor Nigel is now worried that on curtseying bountifully (still to be practised), he will look up and call The Queen “Jam” instead of “Mam” in all his nervousness.
strain of meeting the queenPoor Nigel ……. there is sooooo much to learn of a royal type nature in such a very short time …… it’s a getting a little overwhelming for him!


Mr.D said...

Four armed? He can´t take this many guns! He can´t take any at all.
Is that a foot in his mouth, or a hand? Or a paw?
He should be his loquacious self and keep her Maj entertained.

marc said...

Here Here MR D well said her Mag will just love him and his wolvehampton tones she is fluent in lots of strange direlects and i am sure she speaks northen pidgion english like the natives of those parts do so speak big love marc

Anonymous said...

Bless! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I had never considered mum et al to be northern but I bow to your superior knowledge in such matters.

Sarah S said...

Hilarious! Nigel's faces are a picture! :D

Anonymous said...

Nigel appears to be a most ardent student of proper English! There is no doubt he will talking "rain in Spain" and enunciating his vowels with best of Henry Higgin's students.....Not to worry, his very dear charm will overcome any lapses!!.....Dianne