Monday, 30 September 2013

Viva Last Vegas–Our Final Fling In Freemont Street.

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“And now…. ” as the late great Frank Sinatra was oft heard to warble “….. the end is near, and we must face the final curtain” …. for tomorrow we must sadly leave Last Vegas and return happily to Wolverhampton…..
Freemont Experience 4
But not,  before going out with a mahoooooosively mahoooosive bang in Freemont Street!!  We started with a proper “last supper” at The Golden Gate as recommended by Charlene (our Valley of Fire Guide), opting for a round of their world famous 99c shrimp cocktails …… nom, nom, nom ….. followed by meat loaf, mash and really, really thick gravy, with a humongous side of mahooosive onion rings  ….. nom, nom, nom, nom, but no dessert as we were stuffed to our very rafters!!!!

And then …..  we went out into Freemont Street to see and hear the live bands playing on three giant stages positioned along the street, walk amongst a multitude of Elvis’s as they went about their nightly duties, see all the dancing girls  AND finally see the mahooosive light shows they have every hour on the hour on a humungous  LED video screen canopy that covers the whole of the street …… something we had deliberately saved until our last night ….
OMG, OMG, OMG …….. it did not disappoint!
Freemont Experience We just lay on the floor, legs and arms akimbo, and looked up ….. at eight o’clock we saw The Doors, at nine o’clock we saw Bon Jovi and then at ten o’clock we saw Queen, the show we that had really been waiting for  …….. OMG!
Freemont Experience 5It was all too, too, too, too wonderful for words  …… the sounds, the lights and the atmosphere …
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America and Last Vegas we LOVE you ……
Freemont ExperienceIndian Fortune Teller And as to what our joint fortune telling reading said about a possible return ……. well that would be telling!!!
But Viva, Viva, Viva, Viva  Last Vegas !


Mr.D said...

Andy would have loved this trip. I'm sure he was there with you all the way. Andy has NOT left the building!

Mr.D said...

P.S. 30th Aug to 30th Sept is at least two holidays of a lifetime, unless some blogs were for half a day, or less.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sad this trip has ended - I've been with you all the way. Thank you SO much for sharing this very special and magnificent vacation with your public - I have LOVED every step of the journey. Yours very jealously - JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Like Elvis, you came, you saw, you one ever did it better! Mr. D must certainly be right when he said Andy was there, too.....I think Andy has already enjoyed much of the American west and definitely led you all to some of his favourite he whispered in Charlene's ear to make the day at the Valley of Fire extra have seen so much and done so much, you will find home a lovely place to sit and reminisce and there's no place like home! We have all enjoyed every moment of this holiday and send along our thanks for the great pictures!......Dianne

Pamela said...

You ended the holiday with a big bang! Like Jan I've lived every minute with you and loved reading of it all - thanks ssssooo much for sharing with us all.
Last weekend was the Elvis festival in Porthcawl - I'm sure we had more Elvis' here than where you were LOL!