Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Very Muted Evening Ahead …….

We have been in two minds as to whether we should embrace tonight’s England v Costa Rica match, and after much debate, none of it heated, we have decided that it would be churlish not to continue our support and be seen as fair weather supporters ….
However, we are anticipating that it will be quite a muted evening …. with an equally muted football themed buffet styled tea…….. as Cheesy Footballs and Twiglets have suddenly lost all their celebratory lustre and might just have a propensity to stick in our throats a little.


Mr.D said...

Maybe you could eat the sweets you bought for the last match, assuming they haven't turned stale.

Anonymous said...

Come what may, we know you are loyal supporters of England......a muted evening might be just the ticket to get a new perspective.....Dianne