Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Our Team For The Works World Cup Sweepstake

Mr B, one of the teachers at school asked if we would like to be “in” on the staff World Cup Sweepstake, we have to admit that we did debate the £2 entry fee for about five/ten minutes, before we sensed that Mr B was losing the will to live becoming a little impatient with our prolonged deliberations, so we quickly tossed a coin and as it came up heads we said yes we would  …… paying in pennies, two and  five pence coins, and a couple of washers from Nigel!!!! We think that we may have descerned  a slight terseness in Mr B’s voice as he slowly picked up our aforementioned assorted coins when he said “Thank you boys!!!!!!!!!!”
But now we are in possession of a slip of paper that says Portugal ….. and having checked on various betting sites we feel that at 25 -1 we have invested our £2 well and  have a reasonable chance of going far …… so from Castle Greysquirrel it’s a case of a very robust “Come on Ingerrrrrrrland” AND and equally and forceful “Come on you Portuuuuuuuuuuuugal”!!!


Mr.D said...

Good luck with this.
I should get a sweepstake team tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained; 25-1 could produce a VERY nice gain.......Good luck on both...World Cup Fever at Castle Greysquirrel proceeding on all fronts!.....Dianne

marc said...

o boys its been hectic here Hugh is doing the season so we are all over the place we are reading your post daily but just dont have time to post but we send love and big hugs Hugh has tickets for lots of football things but he wont be watching the matches Knowing Hugh he will be out with the WAGS in the Hospitality getting info from their PRs who will keep them up to date so hubby thinks they are interested but all things Brazilian are big at the mo so i am sure we will see more but Hugh has to be a Ambassador for all things English its in his contracts so he will be only wearing england things and flying the flag big love and a massive chant and Mexican wave from Hugh (who thought they used rackets in football , like he would know the off side rule lol , when he played sports at school he was always chosen to play played left back more like left back in the changing rooms big lets throw a A party love marc

Mr.D said...

I have Nigeria in the sweep. I don't think I will win anything.