Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Nigel’s World Cup Make Do And Mend

Nigel has been pestering for an England strip for the World Cup, but prices for replica kits are pretty prohibitive and then ……… you’ve got to find one small enough to fit the little man …..
….. but then Darrell had an epiphany type moment and in almost a puff of smoke dashed to MotorWorld on the corner of our road where he was sure he’d seen something in their 99p bargain basket that might suffice if Nigel was prepared to make do and mend.
It was one of those replica kit thingies that you hang up in your car window, admittedly it was never intended to be worn because the arm and leg holes were sewn up ……
…… but as it was made from material that didn’t fray Darrell worked out that with a couple of snips Nigel could have his supporters kit!
I admit to having to look away as Darrell set to work with a very large pair of scissors and Nigel still in the outfit …….what are they like?
But within a matter of minutes the one piece was cut in two, and sewn up leg bottoms opened up to give Nigel a pair of shorts …..
….. and then Darrell did the same to the sewn up arm holes …….
…… et voila, a very, very happy Nigel, resplendent in his new supporters kit ….. not too sure about the length of his shorts, but there again Nigel has never been much of a trend meister!!!


Anonymous said...

Inspired...that what it is...that 99p basket at MotorWorld is a "saved the day" wonder.....Nigel looks fantastic! one would ever know it didn't come from a first rate tailoring Nigel can cheer for England in style!!....Dianne

Paddington fan said...

George and I think Nigel looks fab, and George thinks the long shorts are a good omen because shorts were longer in 1966 so perhaps we'll get a repeat performance!! J x

Mr.D said...

They used to wear long shorts in the olden days, when Mrs. G was a girl.
Maybe they will come back into fashion, alongside hobnail boots and liberty bodices.