Monday, 2 June 2014

Castle Greysquirrel Gears Up For The World Cup?

It has come to Nigel’s notice that the shop next door to Castle Greysquirrel has already started to make preparations for the World Cup in the summer …..
….. all be it in a rather lack lustre type fashion……
…… and so he has taken to perusing the many poundshops of Wolverhampton after work looking for suitable items with which to adorn and embellish our humble abode ….. because he says “If Andy was with us now, he would be doing the very same thing!”
However, I cannot help but worry about the possibility of Nigel and probably Darrell armed with an air horn each, the current object of Nigel’s World Cup desire …….
….. when accompanied, by a robust chorus of the clackers held in their other hand …… I fear the worse!!!!!


Anonymous said...

All at Castle Greysquirrel go from one exciting event to the next!!.....another great fun time coming that requires just the right celebratory accessories.....with Nigel's dedication he will find the perfect noise makers that Andy would approve of, no matter what!........Dianne

Mr.D said...

This could be a very noisy but exciting world cup. You could get complains from the neighbours.