Sunday, 8 June 2014

Quelle Nuit …… The BGT Final, The Morning After …….

What a triumph …… we can’t tell you how much we enjoyed The Britain’s Got Talent Final …… it just kept getting betterer and betterer as the evening went on ….. cumulating in Lucy Kay’s beautiful performance, where we all went goosebumpy and manly tears were surreptitiously wiped away on shirt sleeves.AND …… we got the top two acts right ….. however in all the emotion of the occasion we went a little burlesque and voted three times, twice for Lucy and once for Collarbone …….. and you know us, we only usually allow ourselves one vote ……which is must be carefully considered and debated before dialling.
Darrell done good too as he managed to tweet throughout the show like a true professional, which became particularly difficult for him when Cheryl Cole came on as she was a serious ex crush of his and glimpses of her tattoo proved to be quite a distraction!
However, his twittering and concise observations were very much appreciated, especially by our number one fan, Jan the Fan who sent him this message after the show …..
Britains Got Talent Final….. how lovely is that?
So, that’s it, alas, for another year ……. perhaps next year will be our time to shine …… Darrell is already contemplating the idea of a magic act which includes putting Nigel in a pillowcase, suspended by a burning rope, over the fishpond!!!! Heaven help me ……if they start practising!!


Anonymous said...

Boyz - Your blog just goes to prove - we don't always need BIG things in life to make us happy. It's the little every day things that happen that brighten our day. One of the first things I do each day is check your blog. It ALWAYS makes me smile. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Poor Nigel and poor fish.
I am with JtF regarding Mum and her Monkey. I try to check it ery day too.

Anonymous said...

A successful night for one and all!.....Completely agree with Jan and's seemingly small pleasures are big moments of pure happiness and that most certainly applies to our daily visit here......Mum and the boys make the day EVERY day....hoping Darrell rethinks the Nigel bit.....Dianne