Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Darrell Is Beckoned By The Robust Call Of London …..

When I see a familiar glazed, far away look in Darrell’s eyes and sense that he is becoming a little restless I know that he is feeling the powerful draw of London and needs the company of his best friend and mentor Hugh who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill for a day or two …..
004 (2)…… so when I pointed out to him that there were £5.50 Virgin Rail tickets available on certain trains there was no doing with him, said tickets were purchased and bags duly packed ….. Darrell was off, but not without first leaving me with strict instructions NOT to let Nigel off his lead, to take my eyes off Nigel for a second!
And in London Hugh couldn’t have been more pleased to see Darrell as well…… as he too had been pining.
He’d got Stephane, his gentleman what does to primp and plump all the cushions in the flat to an inch of their lives and light many scented candles to create a delightful de rigueur ambience …..
…… and with no expense spared for comestible bedroom delicacies.
“Ohhhhhh Darrell, I just cannot believe you are ‘ere!” Hugh sighed when Darrell finally arrival  “Ohhhhhh…. your visit may indeed be far too fleeting, but we must make zee very most of every single nano second….. no?”
“Now, hudge up on zee sofa a little and kick off your heels,  while I get zee chocolates ……  for we must lounge in zee London fashion and indulge ourselves …….

……. perhaps an aperitif  …..
……. avec a cashew or malteser?????  It is sooooooo wonderful to ‘ave you back within my bosom, mon cher Darrell!” he cooed
Darrell had bought Hugh the gift of confectionary too …..
……. including some of the liquorice delights that Nigel and I had found in Iceland …….

“Oh Darrell you have spoilt me very rotten, no? ……. Now,  shhhhhh and let us settle down, I ‘ave much to tell you of all zee latest tittley-tattley chitty chatty stuff that is showbiz ………… ”


Mr.D said...

Great that Hugh and Darrell plus Mum and Marc are back together again.
Is Hugh rehearsing for a part in 'Allo 'Allo?

Anonymous said...

A visit with Hugh equates to the gift of hyacinths for the soul!....Hugh the mentor and teacher with Darrell the eager and grateful student......with Stephane's care as a bonus, this brief visit is a guaranteed London Lounging confectionary dream....all that plus Hugh's showbiz stories.....Darrell will be walking on air!!....Love to all,Dianne

Di said...

Oh so funny Mr D - I just spluttered a mouthful of coffee over the screen here :) Next eet weel be a tale of zee 'Fallen Madonna weeth zee beeg b**bies' from London!

Mr.D said...

Thank you Di.
Sorry about the screen covered in coffee.