Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hugh’s Jardin De Londres ….. And Plans Afoot For Castle Greysquirrel.

Hugh, Darrell has said, has been absolutely effusing about this years Chelsea Flower Show …….. sadly, he hadn’t been able to exhibit himself this year, due to showbiz commitments, but he had given advice to several of the other exhibitionists, two of whom had won quite significant prizes!
And as such, his flat was overflowing with blooms from those grateful aforementioned significant prize winners …..
….. which had been muchly admired by Darrell.
….. Hugh is very naturally proud of his own bijoux jardin du Londres and was particularly thrilled with the solar lights Darrell had bought for him …… “Oh Darrell, one can never, ever, EVER, have too many lights dans le jardin….. ” he said “….. so long as zay are tasteful, well chosen and subtly and unobtrusively positioned”
“Lights are zee new gnomes dans le jardin!!!!”
Darrell and Hugh then strolled a while dans in Hugh’s beautiful jardin …..
….. with Darrell asking many questions, as, as you know,  he is presently project managing the renovation of the bottom of Castle Greysquirrel’s jardin garden.
“Go with your instinct Darrell, create zee illusion of zee space, with zee hidden nooks and zee hidden crannies, nothing is, how you say, taboo ……if you like it, boldly plant it or position it (if it is not zee plant)”
The pages of Darrell’s Alan Titchmarch’s Gardeners Notebook were much scribbled on ………… Hugh had given him much food for thought ….
…… but quite where he is going to get a totem pole from goodness only knows!!


Anonymous said...

Hugh's generosity with his talents does extend far and wide; and of course, all the way to the one and only Chelsea Flower the garden lights and they will be lovely as they twinkle on warm summer nights .....a garden totem pole presents endless images, but without doubt Darrell's garden designs will be to the highest of Hugh's London standards......wishing you many happy London moments.......Dianne

Mr.D said...

Create your own tótem pole. I'm sure you can do it. You could put a few local touches on it, like an old gold shirt.