Friday, 27 June 2014

Well, It Didn’t Take Long To Find Out ……..

Yesterday, the window of the only gift shop in the village was bare,  “Save,” observed Darrell “….. for a couple of covered boxes that would add height and interest to a potentially eye catching display …!”
But when he looked again this morning, on his way to work ….. it was filled ……with baby stuff …… how very, very pertinent to our own jubilant family celebrations, it was if it was meant to be …..
We were all very impressed by the balloon towers …… but we are frightened that if we made a considered purchase and a then balloon was accidentally popped within ear sight of Tom and the Lovely Laura’s new baby (our new cherished niece)  it might startle little Iris and make her cry and we couldn’t bear that ………. a romantic idea …. but a little too risque for us now we are besotted uncles!
We have to be inherently sensitive and sensible about everything ……. our carefree days of random silliness and mayhem are well and truly over, with unclehood comes gravitas!


Mr.D said...

Darrell and "gravitas" don't often go together in a sentence.
If you get rid of all sharp objects and file your nails/claws, you may be alright with a balloon tower.

Anonymous said...

New babies are life changing in so many ways - as you are already finding out boyz! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

How perfect!.....Love those balloon towers...very pretty celebration of all sweet baby things.....your Unclehood will bring many happy days of all things Iris!.....Love, Dianne