Sunday, 15 June 2014

Nigel, World Cup Fashionista!!

Since Darrell created Nigel’s cut price replica World Cup strip he hasn’t taken it off!!!!!!  It’s now rather stiff and so he will have to be parted from it for an hour so this week whether he protests too much or not!
However, it seems that his outfit has caused a stir and been much admired by others as we got this e-mail yesterday from two of our fans Jen and Steve, who said
Dear Monkey and Darrell,
I'm sure that young Nigel will agree - imitation is the greatest form of flattery!
To that end, please find attached some photos of our own monkey - known as "PG"  - wearing his new England kit, as inspired by Nigel. Sewing and alterations done over breakfast this morning! The only difference being that we had to fork out £1.99....
A kick off time of 11pm is a little past PG's normal bedtime, but we can't begrudge him the chance to wear his new kit with pride.
Enjoy the game boys!
With lots of love your good friends,
Jen and Steve x
Well,  we have to say the PG looks most resplendent in his outfit, especially with the very neat hemming ….. and the shortness of his shorts,  obviously taking their influence, Darrell observed  and noted sagely from the 1970’s …. as opposed to Nigel’s well below the knee version from goodness knows what era, but which Darrell is claiming to be daringly avant garde!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Having grown up in the 1970's, I can confirm that this was my influence - glad you liked the hemming! Not sure if photo 3 was a little too subtle - PG was trying to copy Luis Suarez (of Liverpool and Uruguay) by doing a little "dive"! Jen (and Steve) xx

Mr.D said...

PG is looking good. PG should give tips on fashion to other monkeys.

Anonymous said...

PG does look rather handsome in his kit. Nigel - what a trendsetter! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Nigel set the fashion bar high and PG is right up there with him!..PG has the magazine worthy fashion poses spot on.....Nigel and PG are looking good!.....Dianne