Monday, 30 June 2014

Nigel’s Chocolate Of Choice

Nigel is usually exceptionally experimental with his confectionary, but at the moment he has become unbending in his penchant for Dairy Milk Oreo …..
Oreo chocolate bar
…… it’s the only confectionary of his choice that is finding its way into our shopping trolley, which he insists is at it’s best after several hours in the freezer and then nibbled very, very slowly, preferably while watching Corrie or The Housewives of Orange County ….. what is he like???????


Mr.D said...

I haven't seen Dairy Milk Oreo but it comes highly recommended. The picture hasn't appeared either but I'm sure it looks and tastes great.
I'm not a nibbler, but I ought to try this method sometime.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, is Nigel old enough for The Housewives of Orange County...only ever seen bits of that show, but he must be getting an earful!.....not familiar with Nigel's favourite treat, but it sounds perfect for a summertime cold melt in the mouth treat!.....Dianne