Thursday, 26 June 2014

What’s Coming Next ……. The Great Debate

It’s always a very exciting occasion when the only gift shop in the village decides to change it’s window display …..
Darrell is always full of robust speculation on such occasions ….. the display generally follows a seasonal theme ….. so,  it was the Father’s Day gift ideas that have just been removed ……… 
However, since we can’t think of any feast days or holidays that are coming up, it’s a bit of a quandary …….
Darrell’s considered opinion is that it might be pertinent, yet inexpensive end of the school year presents for small children to give to their teachers, I am not convinced as it is still early.  No doubt the said window will be the subject of much debate over tea at Castle Greysquirrel tonight, thought I doubt it will become too heated ………. But, rest assured as soon as all is revealed we will naturally let you know, as you are probably all now on tenterhooks wondering,  just like us!!!


Mr.D said...

The whole of the village must be excited and anticipating the big unveiling.

Anonymous said...

Love window displays; my curiosity is at it's many choices to ponder....summertime activities, full bloom garden scenes, seaside adventures?......perhaps they should use Darrel as a window display consultant!.....Dianne