Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Darrell Ponders His Pre Holiday Beauty Preparations

With our holiday to Grease looming …. Darrell has been given to much thought and ponderings to a preparational good waxing …….
Holiday Prep 1…… and as such, has been loitering around Natalie’s Beautique, the only Beauty Salon in the village, as they have a some very interesting special offers on at the moment.
holiday prep 2He is particularly taken by the idea of eyelash extensions after seeing his friend and mentor Hugh’s after he had his done ….. and a full leg and bikini wax would definitely be de rigueur when sunbathing round the pool …….
Holiday Prep 3……. if ……  it wasn’t for the application of hot wax and then the robust and powerful ripping off of the cloth strip! He said he’d have it done in a trice, but unfortunately, he said, he is “….. a stigmarta to his sensitive never regions”!!!!!  What is he like?????? Knowing this, I didn’t really feel the need to inform him that gentlemen generally don’t go for the waxing of a bikini type nature as they have a quite different region that could feel the benefit of a wax, which judging from the list are obviously not catered for at the aforementioned Natalie’s  …… and if I had told him what region he would have probably have fainted in disbelief!!!!!! 

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