Friday, 13 June 2014

Darrell Makes Tentative Enquiries And Plans For Our Summer Holiday 2014.

Darrell nipped into town yesterday afternoon, he said that he was a man on a mission, and as we were a day away from it being June, it really was time that we gave some robust consideration to our summer holiday 2014…….
In away,  it didn’t seem quite right, what with Nigel and I only just getting back from Iceland ….. but Darrell reasoned that Iceland had not been a holiday, it was work of a very tiring and very educational type nature…….
….. and what we all needed now was to feel the sun on our backs, sand betwixt our toes and to frolic in the sea of foreign and exotic climes……..
……. and therefore he was off to see what our travel agent of choice Thomas Cook had to tempt us …….
He has then spent the rest of the weekend with Nigel perusing a huge pile of brochures, armed with a highlighter pen and amidst much purposeful humming …….. he has told me to trust him ….. and to start looking for special offers on sun cream when I was next doing my online shop with Tesco!!!


Mr.D said...

Come and visit us in Mexico City!

Anonymous said...

Hard to beat Iceland for exotic and amazing but it definitely was not a place for sand betwixt the toes.....more decisions for Darrell but he will sort it out; Hugh possibly may have some suggestions of current favourites for the show biz folk......keep that highlighter at hand!....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh more exciting times ahead! JantheFan x