Monday, 9 June 2014

World Cup Fever Strikes Castle Greysquirrel

As the shop next door has put up their flags in support of England’s quest for the World Cup, we decided that we should finally shake ourselves and do our bit too because that is what Andy would have done, and couldn’t believe our luck when we found that MotorWorld on the corner was selling England flags at greatly reduced prices and decided to make a considered purchase of a said flag, complete with three lions for the princely sum of 99p, which is even cheaper than the Poundshop!
Sadly, at the moment, Castle Greysquirrel does not yet possess a flagpole for the running up, for events of such a patriotic type nature …..
….. so we decided instead to hang our flag from one of the upstairs windows, but made sure, knowing how excited Nigel can get at such times that he was in a place of safety,  erm ….. let’s just say a length of string was involved to secure him, but it was only for his own protection,  while we were doing it …..
It all went very smoothly, and Nigel only sustained a very minor rope burn, which wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t wriggled!
Now our small token and symbol of support for the England World Cup Team is fluttering resplendent and most romantically from the our rafters ………. and we shall watch with interest to see if, along with the shop next door,  we have set a nationalistic,  but perhaps not de rigueur trend for the rest of the street to follow.


Mr.D said...

I will be supporting England.
Mrs. D will be supporting Mexico.
Dianne will be supporting the USA?
Some may support no team.
Any more?

Anonymous said...

Well we've gone from Britains Got Talent to - Footballers Who MIGHT have some Talent - here's hoping boyz! We can live in hope! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

What luck finding just what you needed to decorate Castle Greysquirrel celebrating your team spirit!.....a bit tricky getting it in place, but worth the effort....sorry Mr.D, not really a sports team enthusiast (I know, I know, it'd odd), but will happily wish England the very best of luck to triumph in my full support of Monkey, Darrell, and Nigel!.....great job with the flag; it is impressive......Love to all, Dianne